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Advanced US-Guided Procedure Training
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What is it?

Refreshingly Simple, Incredibly Effective

SonoSim® delivers an unparalleled training solution that thoughtfully integrates didactic courses, hands-on training, and knowledge assessment in an effective, easy-to-use, and engaging way.
Access to Thousands of Patients
SonoSim® provides access to patients, on-demand. SonoSim® has the world’s largest library of actual patient cases with a broad spectrum of normal and real pathologic conditions. Receive immediate probe-positioning guidance and expert feedback while scanning real-patient cases.


Learn & Scan… Anytime, Anywhere
Insert the SonoSim® Probe into your USB port and instantly transform your personal computer into a bedside ultrasound-training environment.

What Types of Modules are Available?

Each module delivers a course, knowledge assessment, and hands-on training cases. 


Anatomy and Physiology Modules

Aorta/IVC, heart, pancreas, arm-arterial, soft-tissue, thyroid, etc.

Advanced Clinical Modules

1st / 2nd / 3rd-trimester pregnancy, focused cardiac ultrasound

Self Photos / Files - Aorta ivc Self Photos / Files - First-trimester pregnancy

Core Clinical Modules

Airway, bladder, MSK, OB/GYN, Pulmonary, renal, etc.

Procedure Modules

Intro to ultrasound-guided procedures, peripheral venous access, ultrasound-guided femoral line placement, etc.

Self Photos / Files - Pulmonary Self Photos / Files - Peripheral venous


Who Do We Train?

  • Individuals : physicians, nurses, medical students, emergency medical service providers
  • Groups : physician group practices
  • Institutions : simulation centers, medical schools, hospitals

 Visit the product website http://sonosim.com/ to learn more.