Reduction of cerebral metabolism, oxygen consumption, and glucose demand
Slowing of the destructive neuroexitatory process
Decrease of free radical production
Stabilization of the blood-brain-barrier
Reduction of the inflammatory process


Neuro-protection by hypothermia has taken a giant step into the future. An innovative treatment for cardiac arrest, traumatic brain injury (TBI), acute myocardial infraction, sepsis and stroke, the MTRE CritiCool System is a non-invasive approach to cooling therapy to address the need for neuro-protection by cooling the brain.


The CritiCool system consists of:


1. CritiCool™ This control unit offers precise cooling to programmed target temperature. Continuous temperature feedback enables system self-regulation. Adjustment and monitoring temperature is automatic, thus significantly reducing staff time and labour.


Controlled by a microprocessor, CritiCool manages patient body temperature in a non-invasive, effective and precise manner.

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2. CureWrap™ : constructed of flexible yet durable materials in view of well-being and comfort, this specially designed garment provides 3-D surface coverage that maximized energy transfer


CureWrap is available in various designs and sizes, ranging from infants to adults.


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Patient cooling is achieved in 3 steps

  • Set - Intuitive user interface
  • Wrap - User-friendly CureWrap, quick application, simple and convenient
  • Cool - Automatic and precise patient temperature control


CritiCool is the optimal solution for early initiation of cooling therapy within minutes upon patient arrival.