Venue 50
One touch and go
Tablet-like navigation
Fast power-up
Portable and wireless
Gel & go imaging

Empowering Anesthesiology, Emergency Medicine, and Point of Care


Acute intervention. Management of chronic patients. Needle guidance. These procedures demand extraordinary performance from your ultrasound system. The Venue 50 system was designed with input from clinicians, whose insights helped shape its features.


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  • Advanced features : The Venue 50 is optimized for emergency medicine, permitting right-out-of-the-box imaging.
  • One touch and go : Choose the probe and application with one tap, making proper set-up easy.
  • Simple operation : Workflow is simplified to three straightforward steps: Home, Scan, Review.
  • The control you'd expect from a tablet : Enjoy familiar tablet functionality — pinch, slide or tap — even with gloves on.



  • Imaging on the go : Portable, battery-powered system moves quickly from patient to patient.
  • Fast boot-up : Boots up while you put your gloves on.
  • Easily disinfected : Smooth, seamless touchscreen helps with infection control.
  • Secure : Screen locks to limit access or protect settings as you wipe the screen.



  • See the origin of pain : Whether the origin is bony or soft, superficial or deep, in patients of all sizes, Venue 50 provides precise imaging.
  • Gel & go imaging : Get crisp images without the hassle.
  • See the needle tip : The Venue 50 uses two different types of ultrasound: one for tissue and one for metal. This helps the needle stand out and allows separate control of the needle appearance.


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Median Nerve Lymph node with colour Bladder