Gentle, fast and relatively painless insertion
Minimized risk of extravasation or dislodgement
Safe for adult and pediatric use

Arrow® EZ-IO® Intraosseous Vascular Access System provides an ideal option for emergent vascular access, especially when time doesn’t allow for proper insertion checklists and protocols required for central line placement. It’s also ideal for patients in whom peripheral vascular access is difficult or impossible.


Virtually any fluid or medication that can be safely infused via peripheral IV route may be safely infused through the intraosseous (IO) route. Incompatible drugs and fluids should be infused sequentially in a manner consistent with standard IV infusion practice. 

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EZ-IO® Power Driver

Needle set (with stabilizer)

- 45 mm , 25 mm , 15 mm

 EZ-Stabilizer® Dressing


Arrow® EZ-IO® uses the intraosseous space of the humerus, tibia, and distal femur (pediatrics) as a large, non-collapsible vein. It is particularly beneficial for patients who require multiple IV sticks to obtain vascular access for medication.


The vascular access system has been utilized worldwide by hospital and pre-hospital personnel for time-sensitive conditions, including resuscitation situations.


It is applicable for:

  • Cardiac patients
  • Shock patients
  • Respiratory patients
  • Neurological patients

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