Biospecific affinity removal

Anti-A and/or anti-B antibodies cause the ABO-incompatibility. These antibodies constitute less than 1% of a patient's total amount of antibodies. Over 15 years, clinical experience has shown that ABO-incompatible transplants ca be safely performed after treatment with Glycosorb®-ABO. Short and long term results are excellent.


Glycosorb®-ABO is a medical device based on biologically active carbohydrates (blood group A and B antigens), to which anti-A/B antibodies specifically bind, and are thus removed from the patient's plasma.


  1. Safe and effective treatment of several patient plasma volumes in one treatment
  2. Other antibodies and blood components are not affected
  3. No replacement fluids are required
  4. Glycosorb®-ABO is steam-sterilized and free from any toxi chenicals and preservatives.



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Anti-A/B antibody specific removal


The treatment with Glycosorb®-ABO can be carried out at any facilities qualified for the performance of apheresis. Glycosorb®-ABO is compatible with a wide range of plasma separators, both centrifugation and filtration equipments. The duration of a treatment session usually ranges between 1-6 hours and depends on the size of the patient and the total number of treated plasma volumes.


As in other extracorporeal procedures, an anti-coagulant is administered. Plasma is separated from the blood cells and is passed through Glycosorb®-ABO. It specifically binds the anti-A/B antibodies in the plasma, and the treated plasma is reunited with the blood cells and returned to the patient in a closed circuit. No replacement fluids are required.


The anti-A/B antibody titer is normally reduced to 1:1 or less when measure in blood plasma directly after passage through Glycosorb®-ABO, even in Blood plasma with high titers. (A target anti-A/B antibody titer of 1:4 or less on the day of transplant is recommended to minimized the ridk of anti-A/B antibody mediated rejection.