Rultract Skyhook Retractor
One-person operation
Set-up time approximately one minute
Adjustable ratchet assembly for upward and outward retraction
Gentle and even elevation
Reversible ratchet allows for quick directional change
Snap clip provides for single blade retraction

"Rultract Skyhook surgical retractor systems provide access to the anterior and superior mediastinum, allowing for the use of video-assisted visualization that aids resection of the mediastinal parathyroid adenoma without sternotomy." - Christopher B. Komanapalli, MD; James I. Cohen, MD, PhD; Mithran S. Sukumar, Dd, FACS


Rultract provides unparalleled sternal lift in the diagnosis and staging of pulmonary malignancies using minimally invasive techniques. It's versatility provides precise, gentle surgical exposure for both cardiac and transvervical thymectomies, as well as other thoracotomy procedures. This versatility makes the Rultract a cost effective alternative to purchasing multiple retractor systems.


Self Photos / Files - Subxyphoid (low-res)   

Re-operation through Xiphoid using extender bar and xiphoid rake


For open heart re-operations, the incision is longer than usual at the distal end. Therefore, dissection is started under the xiphoid process. A wide blade attached to the Rultract Retractor is inserted and the chest pulled up, creating a tunnel under the sternum towards the neck. The dissection is made with a Bovie extender blade along with a hard plastic suction tip, which is used to push the heart down from the chest wall. After the tunnel is complete, the wires are cut and removed. A sternotomy is then done with a sternal saw.


Self Photos / Files - Sternotomy for IMA Dissection

Sternotomy for IMA Dissection using sternal rake plate


The Rultract IMA retractor provides a powerful, easily controlled lift of the chest wall. At 1mm increments, the ratchet retracts in a relatively atraumatic manner. It is substantial for the obese patients, yet precise enough for the fragile sternum.