Soft, anti-bacterial chest band
Easy operating with new pulley system
Easy lock system
Adjustable shoulder straps
Non-shrivel for maximum comfort

SternaSafe® is an active sternum support band made form comfortable, soft, anti-bacterial and breathing materials, developed for every patient after sternotomy. 


SternaSafe® can prevent from:

  • respiratory complications
  • sternal wound infection
  • separated sternum
  • difficult breathing


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SternaSafe® gives good support and pressure around the thorax while coughing. It therefore protects against the "gap" movement and enhances the ventilation of the lower lung fields.


SternaSafe® has a supporting effect on the thorax during straining movements while mobilizing. The patient is able to operate the SternaSafe him/herself, so that the mobilization process progresses more quickly.



For which patients?

SternaSafe® is suitable for every patient, especially risk patients such as smokers, obese patients, coughers, and patients with diabetic problems.


It is uni-sized and fits up to 155cm chest.