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Unique retractor with movable blades
Resistant Titanium construction
Optimum access and exposure

CORONEO's COR-VALV system (intercostal variant shown to the left) helps you get the best exposure for valve surgery. It offers a stable platform and an atrial retractor that maximize mitral valve exposure, all within your direct control for both sternotomy and intercostal approaches. An aortic retractor can also be mounted on the same platform.


The atrial and aortic retractors have three fingers that can be adjusted to provide varying widths of retraction on the tissue. Rotating a knob on the proximal end of the retractor pulls a cable attached to the finger linkage and either spreads or gathers the fingers. The knob at the proximal end benefits from the anti-friction properties of ball bearings safely tucked away and staked, and easily flushable under a faucet. 


The fingers on the retractors are pivotted so that they will always orient themselves in the direction least traumatic to the tissue.


Self Photos / Files - Cor-Valv 4


The complete COR-VALV system provides a Sternum Retractor of your choice, the clamping system, and two tissue retractors (one for atrial retraction and one for aortic retraction).


Various surgical applications:

Self Photos / Files - Cor-Valv Surgical Set up - Mitral 2 Self Photos / Files - Cor-Valv Surgical Set up - Aortic 1
Mitral Valve Aortic Valve


Self Photos / Files - Cor-Valv Surgical Set up - Tricuspid Valve Self Photos / Files - Cor-Valv Surgical Set up - Inter-Ventricular Defect
Tricuspid Valve Inter-Ventricular Defect


Self Photos / Files - Intercostal Srugery 5
Mitral Valve Intercostal Approach