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PiLLar Bifurcation Stents
Treatment of difficult peripheral bifurcated lesions


The Pillar is a uniquely designed peripheral bifurcation reconstruction stent for the treatment of difficult peripheral bifurcated lesions. It is an alternative to standard kissing stent techniques and alternative to the CERAB procedure.


The immense benefit for the patient and the physician is the ability for cross over maneuvers at a later stage in case it is needed. It can also be used in other bifurcated cases. 


The Pillar device can be used for:

  • CERAB-­procedures – (Covered Endovascular Reconstruction Aortic Bifurcation)
  • Aortic and/or aorto iliacal reconstruction with a non-­covered stent
  • Leriche Syndrome
  • mono iliac or bi-­‐iliac occlusion
  • Internal Iliac Reconstruction to increase the blood flow to the internal iliac and support the surrounding vessels with sufficient flow