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Optimus Peripheral Stents
High radial strength combined with a safe PTFE covering

OptimusTM-CVS CoCr PTFE covered Extra Large stent is especially designed to treat large lumen in complex interventional procedures where high radial strength combined with a safe PTFE covering is needed.


The high performance PTFE coating combined with the material cobalt-chromium and the patented unique hybrid cell design leads to excellent results where extra strength and stability is needed.

The Optimus-CVS PTFE covered stent is used for complex interventional procedures where increased radial force, and extra safety of a PTFE covering provides a better outcome for the patient. The unique end-free technology allows wider dilatation ranges without creating flaps which can cause a potential risk for patients.


 Self Photos / Files - Optimus (low res)        Self Photos / Files - Optimus CVS (low res)