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Exeter Retrieval Devices
High visibility
Easy navigation
Kink-resistance wire for better manipulation

The Exeter Retrieval Technology offers a complete range of devices such as Cardiovascular snares and non-vascular baskets. Unique design and high strength make these Nitinol products the 1st choice retrieval devices for the physician. (CE Marked)


1. Exeter Snare (Micro and Macro)

The Exeter Snare Retrievers are available in two sizes for retrieval of foreign bodies (eg. lost catheters, guide wires, stents, etc.) as well as coil manipulation in small to extra large vessels. By combining open loop Nitinol wire design with extra high pulling forces, Exeter Snare is the solution to retrieving with ease and confidence. High visibility is guaranteed through a special gold-plated tungsten. 

Self Photos / Files - Exeter Snare Micro 150x150 Self Photos / Files - Exeter Snare Macro 150x150
Exeter Snare (micro) Exeter Snare (macro)



Special features

1. Atraumatic Nitinol loop with gold-plated tungsten for highest visibility
2. Pre-shaped MP catheter tip eases navigation
3. Shapable introducer to ease navigation & gain performances
4. AndraTec Supportive sleeve avoids kinking when manipulating
5. Luer Connector
6. Extra XXL torque device to ease manipulation
7. One piece kink-resistant wire enhances 1:1 torque for better manipulation
8. Radiopaque platinum inner Marker Ring ensures nearest positioning of introducer


2. Exeter Basket

The Basket range features all the requirements that are needed for foreign body extraction. The broad availability makes it easy for physicians to choose the right device. These cardiovascular and non-vascular retrievers allow simplified retrieval of wire guides, vena cava filters, lost stent, coil manipulation in paediatric cardiology, and other foreign bodies, ultimately saving valuable time in the operation theatre and providing a safe tool to avoid major open surgery procedures.


All AndraTec Baskets are made from highly kink-resistant Nitinol material that offers superior strength. The helical / straight shape has been optimized to easily manipulate and retrieve foreign bodies.



    Self Photos / Files - Exeter basket (with foreign body)