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AltoSa PTA Balloons
Flexible shaft
Highly resistant NYPE balloon
Atraumatic soft tip
Low sheath compatibility
Very fast inflation and deflation time

The AltoSa PTA Balloon family is a highly innovative segment. All balloons feature high pressure and small sheath compatibilities. (CE Marked)


1. AltoSa XL Large 2. AltoSa Premier  3. AltoSa SFT Tacking
Self Photos / Files - AltoSa XL PTA Balloon Self Photos / Files - AltoSa Premier Max Pressure XL PTA Balloon Self Photos / Files - AltoSa SFT Tacking Balloon


4. Flamingo BTK

Below The Knee

5. AltoSa XL Gemini 
Self Photos / Files - Flamingo Below The Knee PTA Balloon Self Photos / Files - AltoSa XL Gemini PTA Balloon


  1. AltoSa XL Medium to High Pressure PTA Balloons
  2. AltoSa-Premier Maximum Pressure XL-PTA Balloon
  3. AltoSa SFT PTA Peripheral Moulding Balloon


Self Photos / Files - AltoSa-XL-with handle (low res) 

The AltoSa PTA catheters are based on an over-the-wire coaxial shaft. The high puncture-resistant non- to semi-compliant balloon material is mounted on the distal end of the shaft and is designed to re-open strong calcifications in large peripheral vessels.


They are also:

  • specially designed for large lumen dilatation
  • suitable for low and high pressure angioplasty with reduced risk of overdilation
  • excellent choice to treat everyday and most difficult lesion