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HQS Active Valve


The HQS active valve is a unique adjustable valve that performs effective sealing to all devices from the guidewire to the delivery system.


Only one active valve is required throughout the procedure.



Ease of use

  • Patented single hand valve operation
  • Guidewire centering device included
  • Minimize blood loss thus risks related to transfusion
  • Secure locking
  • Sideport included


HQS high quality sealing kit includes:

  • 1 introducer sheath
  • 1 dilator
  • 1 side port
  • 1 wire centering device
  • Dilator equipped with a proximal open cap (female Luer lock)
  • Valve equipped with a sideport (female Luer lock)
  • Radiopaque sheath and dilator
  • Various accessories available
  • CE0459 marked
  • Single use
  • Sterile unit packaging (traceability label for patient’s file)