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AndraTec is a highly dedicated manufacturer of advanced interventional technologies from Germany. Over the years AndraTec has introduced exceedingly efficient cardiovascular catheter designs with superior performance and quality, which have become the standard of choice for many vascular surgeons, interventional cardiologitst, neuro-radiologists and pediatric cardiologists.


Cooperating closely with leading clinicians around the globe, AndraTec has never stopped innovating and introducing new technologies. The latest portfolio includes several unique and specific designs in ballon technology and special stent implants, as well as unique type of occluders, which are broadening the clinicians' instrumentarium, and allowing for highly efficient and safe interventional procedures.


Whether you are looking for stiff Guidewires, AltoSa PTA Balloons, Peripheral Stents, AAA Occlusion Devices, Endovascular Reconstruction, or Retrieval Devices, AndraTec provides a full range of cutting edge designs with renowned German engineering and manufacturing quality.


1. AltoSa PTA Balloons  

  • AltoSa XL Large PTA Balloon
  • AltoSa Premier HP PTA Balloon
  • AltoSa SFT Tracking PTA Balloon
  • Flamingo BTK (Below The Knee) Balloon
  • AltoSA Gemini Balloon on Balloon



2. Exeter Retrieval Devices

  • Exeter Retrieval Basket
  • Exeter Retrieval Snare


3. Guidewires 

  • Lokum Amplatz stiff Guidewire 0.035"
  • Lokum Lunderquist extra stiff Guidewire 0.035"
  • Lokum Lunderquist MINI extra stiff Guidewire 0.025"



4. Nitinol Self-expanding Peripheral Stents

  • I-Flex Nitinol Peripheral Bare Stent
  • I-Flex Nitinol PTFE Covered Peripheral Stent

5. Peripheral Stents

  • Optimus Peripheral Stent
  • Optimus Covered Peripheral Stent


6. PillOW Occlusion Device

  • Pillow AAA Device


7. Reconstruction Device

  • PILLAR Reconstruction Device


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AltoSa PTA Balloons
AltoSa PTA Balloons
Exeter Snare Macro 150x150
Exeter Retrieval Devices
Unique retrieval technology made from super elastic nitinol material
Lokum Guide Wires
Interventional guide wires
optimus_XL PTFE covered_trans-150x150
Optimus Peripheral Stents
New hybrid cell designed stents
PiLLar Bifurcation Stents
Uniquely designed peripheral bifurcation reconstruction stent
PillOW Occluder
AAA occlusion device for treatment of extra large lumina