Vivostat® PRF®

Growth factors and fibrin are both essential components in wound healing. Using the Vivostat® system, autologous platelets can be prepared with multiple growth factors embedded in a fibrin sealant matrix. From 120ml of blood, 5-6ml of Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF®) is prepared.


By combining a platelet concentrate with a fibrin sealant solution, it is possible to have a carrier, a controlled release and a medium for vascular ingrowth - all in one product, Vivostat PRF®.



Combining the benefits of platelets and fibrin

- With an average 7-fold increase over baseline blood levels, the platelet concentration in Vivostat PRF® exceeds the baseline platelet count of 1 million/μL, which has become a benchmark within platelet therapy

- The fibrin matrix ensures a slow release of growth factors over time and effectively protects the growth factors against proteolytic degradation.


Superior application performance
- The specially designed Vivostat® Spraypen® and the unique combination of platelets and fibrin ensures easy, accurate and efficient application of Vivostat PRF®

- Due to instant polymerisation and excellent adhesive properties of the fibrin component, the PRF® solution remains where it is applied - even when applied on vertical or inverted surfaces

- As the fibrin component in Vivostat PRF® is based on a fibrin 1 solution, there is no need to use a separate thrombin component.



 Wound Therapy

Self Photos / Files - prf-foot-ulcer-before Self Photos / Files - prf-foot-ulcer-after
Foot wound before first PRF® treatment Wound 11 weeks after PRF® treatment