Easy to use
Single version (for hole and gap) and non-bulky
Radio-lucent, no imaging artifacts with MRI and CT
Accurate and uniform radiotherapy delivery

NtCranial, made with polymeric material (PEEK-OPTIMA®), is a bio-compatible material with proven mechanical and chemcial resistance, commonly used with medical implants. It is safe, easy and quick to apply.


NtCranial is easy to use and without the need for bulky delivery systems. Comparing with metal based closure devices, NtCranial is recognized for its radiolucency and compatibility with MRI and CT, as it leaves no imaging artifacts.


Another benefit is with cancer patients. Radiotherapy dose calculations are more accurate and the dose distribution is more homogeneous than with metal based closure devices.


While requiring only a small footprint, NtCranial is tested to a traction force of 30kg per device, and it retains some flexibility (over metal plates) which can be useful in case of external force to the cranium (eg. patient fall).


Self Photos / Files - 1. Device

1. Devices

Self Photos / Files - 2. Device placing

2. Device placing

Self Photos / Files - 3. Flap repositioning

3. Flap repositioning

Self Photos / Files - 4. Clamping

4. Clamping

Self Photos / Files - 5. Clamping 2

5. Clamping

Self Photos / Files - 6. Exceeding parts removal

6. Exceeding parts removal

Self Photos / Files - 7. Exceeding parts removal 2

7. Exceeding parts removal

Self Photos / Files - 8. Final result

8. Final result


Each NtCranial packing comes in a set with both square and round base plates, making it suitable for both the cut surface or gap as well as the burr hole location. As a non-bulky mounting system, no special tools are required except the NtCranial Cutter (to remove exceeding parts).