Vscan with Dual / Single Probe
Small and lightweight
Fingertip control
Simple scanning
Convenient connectivity


Vscan and Vscan with Dual Probe are powered by ultrasound technology that lets you take a non-invasive look inside your patient's body, to help you make quick diagnostic decisions in diverse clinical applications.


Combining a linear-array transducer and a phased-array transducer to deliver both deep and shallow views, the first of its kind, 2-in-1 probe is always connected and ready to scan.


Self Photos / Files - Priority1 2967_GE V-Scan10948_linearpopliteal (low res)



Vscan Dual - Cover 80% of core ultrasound applications with 2 transducers in the same probe.


1. Deep Imaging (phased array)

  • Cardiac, Lung(s), Liver, Gall bladder, Spleen, Kidneys, Aorta, OB, Urinary bladder


2. Shallow Imaging (linear array)

  • Arteries: carotid, jugular, subclavian, dorsalis pedis
  • Vascular: brachial, radial, femoral, saphenous, politeal
  • Long bone: humerus, femur, tibia
  • Hip joint(s), knee joint
  • Thyroid, lung(s)



Self Photos / Files - linear carotid bifur Self Photos / Files - linear popliteal color Self Photos / Files - phased liver portal color Self Photos / Files - Cardiac
Linear carotid bifur Linear popliteal vascular Phased liver portal Cardiac


Acquire clinical information right on the spot without swapping probes mid-exam - just press a button to switch transducers to quickly move through clinical procedures and the triage process.


Improve efficiency

  • Immediate visual validation increase clinical confidence
  • Potentially shorten patient wait times


Lower costs

  • Potentially reduce exam times and costs
  • Help reduce the cost of care by using more affordable portable technology
  • Reduce unnecessary echo referrals and discharge inaccuracy


Other benefits

  • Small and lightweight - fits in a lab coat
  • Two standard imagin modes: black and white (anatomy) and colour (blood flow)
  • Intuitive, one-hand user interface to control with thumb
  • Battery charger station and battery life of one hour onctinuous scanning - good for up to 30 patients
  • and more...


Self Photos / Files - dc_IMG_5122 cardiac screen (low res)