Easy to apply and take off
Easy and accurate positioning
Decrease eye injuries
EyePro is a dressing specially designed to maintain eyelid closure during general anaesthesia to protect against corneal trauma and expsure keratitis. It has an international patent-pending, dual zone adhesive system that keeps the eyelids closed but allows safe and easy removal with minimal eyelid and eyelash trauma.


EyePro also has a unique central "window", which allows the anaesthetists to check that their patient's eyes remain closed throughout the procedure.


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Affect of General Anaesthesia on Eyes

General anaesthesia reduces the tonic contraction of the orbicularis oculi muscle, causing lagophthalmis (i.e. the eyelids do not close fully) in 60% of patients.


In addition, general anaesthesia reduces tear production and tear-film stability, resulting in corneal epithelial drying and reduced lysosomal protection.


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