Light and less traumatic
Less invasive (compared to wire and stainless steel sutures)
Non-toxic and completely biocompatible
Reduces time of hospitalization and healing

Flexigrip is a sternal closure system composed by nitinol staples and an instrumentation kit. The staple acts as a brace holding together permanently and safely the sternal osteotomy. 


    • The clips can be easily implanted 
    • Nitinol will not osseointegrate, making an eventual removal much easier 
  • Nitinol won’t create problems with image diagnosis (TAC or NMR)


Self Photos / Files - GRP adjusted Self Photos / Files - GRP on bone 2 Self Photos / Files - Picture illustration


Products made out of Nitinol (Nickel-Titanium) alloy with memory effect have have been successfully used since the 70s in many surgical applications. The application of thermic reaction made of Nitinol with shape memory effect represents an alternative to traditional devices made of special steel or titanium.

Surgical operations are less traumatic thanks to its lighter weight and wider cross-section.

It also reduces immobilization, hospitalization, and recovery periods of patients.


     Self Photos / Files - Flexixray                   Self Photos / Files - Sizeflexigrip