Trophon® EPR
High-level disinfection
Fast, seven-minute process
Quality-assured consistency
Environmentally-friendly by-products: water and oxygen
No exposure to harmful chemicals
Quick and easy cartridge replacement
Convenient point-of-care solution
Exceptional transducer material compatibility

Trophon® EPR is a complete ultrasound High-Level Disinfection system that's fast, easy to use, environmentally friendly and quality assured. It features a very simple operating procedure involving only a few steps:

1. Load the pre-cleaned transducer 
2. Press the start button
3. Upon completion wipe the transducer and remove from Trophon EPR

Trophon EPR combines safety, speed and intuitive operation. There is no exposure to harmful chemicals as the process operates within a closed system. The primary by-products of the Trophon EPR are minute quantities of water and oxygen, making it an environmentally friendly solution for the disinfection of ultrasound transducers. 

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