Portable Headlight Systems
Illumination similar to sunlight
Light weight
Long battery life

Clarity & Uniform Brightness with Xenosys Headlight System


The human eye focuses light through the coronae, a transparent lens-like structure in the very front of the eye, to a light sensitive membrane called the retina. The Iris, sitting behind the cornea, is a colored ring-shaped membrane that has an adjustable circular opening. Its black centre, the pupil, can expand or contract based on the amount of light entering the eye.


Millions of light sensitive cells called rods and cones are embedded in the retina. Rods are good for monochrome vision while cones are responsible for color and for the detection of fine detail.


Appropriate lighting is essential for the rods to be able to resolve color and fine details. It improves visual accuracy and efficiency when focusing on small objects. Furthermore it also reduces potential health risks to the eyes.


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Color rendering is the measurement of how much an object shows of its original color under sunlight. This is the most familiar form of light because human eyes and brain have evolved so that they would interpret the colors based on sunlight.
For best clarity and color definition, Xenosys LED headlights not only deliver focused and uniform bright light to the area of interest, but also closely mimic the temperature of the natural sunlight.


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