Surgical Telescopes (Loupes)
Large field of view & superior depth of focus
Light and small
Clear and Bright vision over the full field
No Distortion , No Fatigue
Anti-allergic and stylish Titanium frames

Why use the Surgical Telescopes? 

Objects observed by the Human eyes are continuously communicated to the brain. This information includes details about the shape, distance, color and the size of objects. However the human ability to process those images is limited as we cannot identify extremely small objects even when they are very close. This limitation is related to the density and sensitivity of the cones in our retina.


Telescopes and microscopes are the most effective tools used to compensate for these limitations. Wearable Surgical Telescopes, which work in the same way as ordinary telescopes and microscopes, have become essential for various surgical procedures, providing clarity and great detail and leading to improved outcomes.


Self Photos / Files - 4 benefits



  • Magnification - provides magnified images of extremely small objects that can't be identified with the naked eye
  • Correction - myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism, presbyopia, squints, etc.
  • Comfort - made to order, allows wearers to work in most comforable posture
  • Safety - protect wearers from harmful substances and limit the risk of potential infections



Xenosys Telescopes (prismatic) come in different magnifications:

Looks2500 Looks2800 Looks3200 Looks3500
Self Photos / Files - Looks2500 Self Photos / Files - Looks2800  Self Photos / Files - Looks3200 Self Photos / Files - Looks3500