Advanced features
Simple consistency
Simple comparison
Single-person control
Imaging to go
Tissues differentiation
See the needle tip
Image almost the whole body - and almost any body
See the inflammation and early disease
See in 3D


LOGIQ e's imaging engine comes from GE’s flagship console systems, delivering crisp images in a portable package. Point-of-care specific software and transducers help surgens see the needle to administer a block or perform an aspiration quickly, even in an obese patient. When productivity matters, you can control the console from the transducer – potentially eliminating the need to have a second person assist.


Anatomy-specific presets and the ability to display only the functions you need means you can focus on the patient rather than the control panel. It’s durable and compact for easy portability yet features a large, user-friendly, high-res color display. 


Self Photos / Files - LOGIQ e Self Photos / Files - LOGIQ e R7  22


LOGIQ e is working to empower in different clinical areas: Anesthesia, Head & Neck, Musculoskeletal, Point of Care, and Rheumatology.


Self Photos / Files - SUPRACLAVICULAR WITH COLOR-Edit_updated op1 Self Photos / Files - TAP BLOCK WITH NEEDLE-Edit_updated Self Photos / Files - THYROID1 01-Edit_updated
  Supraclavicular with Colour Tap Block with Needle Thyroid
Self Photos / Files - VARICOSE VEIN-Edit_updated Self Photos / Files - L4-12T HAND-Edit_updated Self Photos / Files - SHOULDER-Edit_updated
Vericose Vein Hand Shoulder