Imaging Probe
Approved for direct contact with cardiac tissue
Validated for STERRAD® sterilization
Extreme near-field resolution (1 – 7 mm)
High frequency - up to 18MHz

The Medistim Imaging Probe offers excellent intraoperative guidance for CABG procedures. It is specifically calibrated for cardiac procedures and designed for epicardial and epiaortic imaging.


Self Photos / Files - LAD Plaque 2 

Epicardial Imaging showing plaque in LAD


This 128-element L15 transducer operates at frequencies of up to 18MHz. The following imaging modes are supported: 2D - B mode, CFM - Colour Flow Mapping, and PW - Pulsed Wave Doppler, or combinations of these.


Designed to meet worldside sterilization standards, it is unique in being approved for direct contact with cardiac tissue - a sterile sheath is not needed.


The Imaging Probe is compatible with both MiraQ and VeriQ C.


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