Transit Time Volume flow and Doppler velocity measurements
Start-up time less than 45 seconds
Large 19" LCD touch screen

The Medistim VeriQ™ system is designed to meet the growing demand for intra-operative quality control and documentation of surgical procedures.


Probes utilizing transit time and Doppler have been combined to optimise graft placement and assessment. the hardware platform allows for 4 flow, 2 pressure and 2 auxiliary channels in addition to the new Doppler channel. Every measurement is saved in a dedicated, high capacity patient database, keeping record of all measurements and data entered for each patient.


Hardcopy reports for the patient notes can be produced easily within seconds by the on-board colour printer, or exported to an external memory device in HTML format for easy distribution to the hospitals computing network.


Why verify graft patency?

  • Graft patency verification is crucial in CABG and OPCAB to evaluate the function of the performed bypass grafts
  • Graft patency verification validates the quality of the surgery to the cardiologist, potential lawyers, and quality assurance committee
  • Early detection of graft failure is cost-effective and may prevent haemodynamic instability, post-operative infarction (which may be caused by graft failure), and reduce number of days in ICU and in the hospital
  • Graft patency verification may help reduce the number of reoperations


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