Early patient mobilization encourages quicker patient recovery after surgery
Objective monitoring data enables confident decision-making for chest tube management
Standardization of chest drainage management across different surgeons and institutions
Flexibility - the system can be placed however you like


This compact system provides regulated negative pressure close to the patient’s chest, optimized for pleural drainage and mediastinal drainage.


Benefits of Thopaz


Thopaz provides a progressive, innovative therapy that allows healthcare professionals to monitor air leaks objectively, helping them to make timely and confident decisions in chest drain management.


A digital display provides objective data in real time as well as a 24-hour graph of the air leak for easy tracking of therapy progress. The safety features of Thopaz include alarms that alert the nursing personnel for prompt intervention in case of a potentially hazardous situation. 


Thopaz is small and compact. Patients regain their mobility sooner.


Easy setup and operation support healthcare professionals in their daily work. 


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