Powerheart® G5 AED
Easy, intuitive operation
User-paced prompt instruction
Faster shock times
Dual-language capability (Cantonese & English)
8-year warranty
4-year full battery operational replacement guarantee

The Powerheart® G5 is the first AED that combines RescueCoachTM prompting, fast shock times and variable escalating energy.


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* Fully-automatic and semi-automatic models available


Always Rescue Ready®

Rest easy knowing your Powerheart AED will perform as expected during a rescue thanks to Rescue Ready technology that performs rigorous daily, weekly, and monthly self-tests. The Powerheart G5 includes a medical-grade battery with a 4-year full operational guarantee, an 8-year warranty, and the best tools and support.


Take Out The Guesswork

During a tense rescue, both experienced and first-time rescuers will benefit from the Powerheart G5’s RescueCoach™ user-paced instruction, intuitive pad design, and automatic shock delivery to reduce the likelihood of human error. (Semi-automatic model also available.)


The Smartest AED

What goes into a Powerheart G5? Try more than 100 patents and 20+ years of engineering excellence. This latest innovation now features customizable escalating energy, faster shock times, and dual-language capability (Cantonese & English).


New Feature - CPR Feedback Device       Self Photos / Files - CPR-Puck-Final

The CPR feedback device is palm-sized with non-slip surface and shape to transfer the rescuer's compressions to the patient's chest. It measures the depth and rate of chest compressions. The G5 AED uses this information to help guide proper compression rate and depth during CPR.